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Spoilers use JavaScript code and if you wanna that its work in your wiki - you must copy text from Mediawiki:Common.js to analog of this page in your wiki. On this page describing JavaScript code, which you can use at all pages of your wiki...


In order that would implement a template to a page write

x , x must be put in place certain parameters. The parameters are:
  • title - Title of the spoiler
  • text - Text under the spoiler
  • bckg1 - Colour of the title
  • bckg2 - Colour of the background under the title
  • bord1 - Description of the boundaries of the title.
  • bord2 - Description of the window under the spoiler.
  • width - The width of the spoiler.


{{Spoiler| title=My spoiler| text=text under spoiler| bckg1=black| bckg2=white| color1=white| color2=blue| bord1=1px #CCFF00 solid| bord2=1px black solid| width=300px}}

Spoiler-in-spoiler construction may be used, but with some bugs... for example:


Much love to our Russian wiki friends for this new toy to play with :)

SYNTAX: {{Spoiler|title=title of spoiler|text=text of spoiler|bckg1=Background of title|bckg2=Background of text|color1=Text colour of title|color2=Text colour of text|bord1=Border Top; Pixels, Color, Solid|bord2=Border Bottom|width=width of spoiler}}